Every year the Central Masonic Charities, which receive funds from Freemasons throughout England and Wales, donate millions of pounds to non-Masonic charities.

In addition, the lodges themselves donate directly to local charities and organisations (as well as to Masonic funds held by the Provinces, which in turn can distribute these monies to charitable organisations).
You can download a record of the donations made by lodges in Staffordshire during 2016 (January to May), and  those made in 2015... click here


10/11/2015 - St Modwens donate to Midlands Air Ambulance

St. Modwen’s Lodge, Burton-on-Trent, present a cheque to Midlands Air Ambulance at Tatenhill Airfield.

10/11/2015 - Ethelfleda donate to Edwards Trust

Ethelfleda Lodge in Tamworth donated £1,220 to Edward’s Trust, which supports children and families during serious illness and bereavement.

29/01/2017 - Chartley Lodge No 7659

Following several successful social events, lead by our Social Team we've distributed £2,500 to the following charitable causes.
£1,900 to Stephen's Story, the Teenage Cancer Trust.
£500 to Burntwood & District First Responders.
£100 to Lucy Davies who is doing a World Challenge- these World Challenge expeditions are designed to develop important life skills, helping students to:
· Hone teamwork and leadership skills
· Gain confidence and self-esteem
· Become more globally aware
· Enhance employment prospect

06/03/2017 - St Giles Hospice's benefit from Foundation

W. Brother John Matthews pictured preseting two certificates on behalf of the Masonic Charitable Foundation to Sharon Woodland from the fund raising department of St. Giles Hospice, Walsall. The certificates confirmed donations to St. Giles Hospice, Walsall of £1,718 and to St. Giles Hospice, Lichfield of £4,006.