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The Provincial Grand Master

Thank you for looking at our website and for thinking about Freemasonry.

We are a Society which values friendship, charity and the pursuit of truth above other mundane ambitions. You can trawl the internet for information about us but don’t believe all you read. We are very open about our beliefs and our meetings. It is easy to make contact with a Lodge which is near you and find out more about us face to face.

We are not a religion. Our beliefs are compatible with all religions which believe in a Supreme Power. As a member you will never be asked to do anything which is incompatible with your civil, moral or religious duties and you are not allowed to use your membership for personal advantage.

You are welcome to look round this Provincial website and to make use of the links to the United Grand Lodge of England and to other Provinces under its jurisdiction.

If you are interested, make use of the contact numbers and e-mail addresses and we will be happy to talk to you.

For me Freemasonry has always offered the opportunity to make new friends and to meet old ones on a regular basis but on top of all that there is a morality, shared by all religions, which we learn by our association. It is this morality which gives us a purpose over and above the enjoyment of our meetings.

If you are still interested contact us and find out more. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

R.W. Bro. Sandy Stewart
Provincial Grand Master for Staffordshire


Deputy Provincial Grand Master

V.W. Bro John V. Renaudon was appointed as Deputy Provincial Grand Master in September 2014, having previously served the Province as Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies (1986), Provincial Junior Grand Warden (2005) and Assistant Provincial Grand Master (2009-13). Having been appointed as Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies of the United Grand Lodge of England in 2008, John was promoted to Past Senior Grand Deacon in 2010.He was Initiated by his father in 1968, at the age of 21, into John O’Gaunt Lodge No.4054, Newcastle-under-Lyme. He is active in Royal Arch, Knights Templar and Rose Croix, and has achieved high rank in each of these. John is a partner in the firm of Chartered Surveyors ‘Townsend and Renaudon’, and is a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors General Council, being an RICS Panel arbitrator. His interests include vintage car and motorcycle restoration and collecting, ski-ing, crosswords, German u-boats and Gustav Mahler.


Assistant Provincial Grand Master

W. Bro. Michael S. Rawle

Mike was initiated into Staffordshire Knot Lodge No.726, Stafford, in 1986 and was Worshipful Master in 1997. Following an appointment as Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works in 2003-4, he then served as Provincial Senior Grand Warden in 2011-12, afterwards becoming Provincial Communications Officer until his promotion to Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 2016.

Mike was a General Medical Practitioner in Stafford until his retirement in 2011. His interests include golf, the gym, classical music and wine.


Assistant Provincial Grand Master

W. Bro. Kevin J. Parkes

W.Bro. Kevin J. Parkes was appointed as Assistant Provincial Grand Master in May 2016, having previously served the province as Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies (2010-16), Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies (2007-10) and Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies (2006). He was appointed to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Registrar of the United Grand Lodge of England in 2012.

Kevin was initiated into Tibbington Lodge No.4927 meeting then in Tipton (now in West Bromwich) in 1990 at the age of 29, served as its Worshipful Master in 2000 and 2008 and is now Director of Ceremonies.
He is active in Royal Arch, Mark, Royal Ark Mariners, Rose Croix, Knights Templar and the Royal Order of Scotland in which he is the Provincial Grand Secretary of Warwickshire. Kevin is also a member of a Lodge in Glasgow under the Scottish Constitution.

A solicitor by profession his other interests include Scuba Diving having qualified as an open water instructor and foreign travel (often with a Masonic connection). Recent foreign Masonic visits include Belgium, the USA, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Thailand, Holland and Jersey.